Milco (Pvt) Limited.

    Design supply installation and commissioning of air handling unit for aseptic filling area at Polonnaruwa milk factory

    * AHU unit is drawing return air from Filling Room and is get mixed with pre defined qty of out-side air inside the mixing box of AHU
    * System is having 3 beds of filters with prefilter, Bagfilter and HEPA filter of appropriate standard suitable for the products.
    * Out-side air & return air both are filtered through Pre filters & Bag filters prior to cooling
    * Air is cooled and dehumidified at AHU and distributed through ducting system
    * HEPA filters are located at laminar flow supply air outlets to blow air vertically downwards directly covering the exposed product to have better air distribution to avoid microbiological colony forming in side rooms
    * All rooms are maintained at positive pressure by installing of volume control dampers in suitable locations of ducting